Italo-American Dinner


Scarpaccia Viareggina

Pancetta and aubergine risotto

Mars Bar Milkshakes

Scarpaccia Viareggina, Tuscan recipe, Italy

La Scarpaccia Viareggina:

This is a cake from Viareggio that can be savoury or sweet. For this dinner I made it savoury for the primo piatto.

What you need:

450g courgettes

3 eggs

150g white flour

50g butter

half a cup of milk

olive oil


1: Cut the courgettes into thinish slices and put them in a bowl with water and salt to soak for about an hour.

2: Mix the eggs, flour and melted butter. Add a pinch of salt and the milk and mix.

3: Drain the courgette slices well, add them to the batter and mix well.

4: Pour the batter into a buttered oven tray, or lined with baking paper, drizzle some olive oil ontop and bake for about an hour in the oven at 180 degrees.

The scarpaccia should be thin and slightly crunchy.

Pancetta and aubergine risotto, Italy

Pancetta and Aubergine Risotto:

for 4 people

300g arborio or carnaroli rice

1 small red onion

1 clove of garlic

50g pancetta (cubed)

1 medium sized aubergine

2 stock cubes

red wine

a couple of dessert spoons of grated parmesan

1: Get the stock going so dissolve 2 vegetable stock cubes in a generous pan of hot water and keep it simmering. Or you can make your own stock – the recipe is in the chunky carrot, bean, red onion and pasta soup entry from February.

2: Slice the onion and garlic into small pieces and put in a pan with olive oil and begin cooking on a low heat so as not to burn it.

3: Slice the aubergine into cubes that are roughly 2cm in length.

4: Add the aubergine cubes and pancetta to the onion and garlic and keep cooking gently.

5: After a couple of minutes add the rice to toast lightly.

6: Once the rice has toasted a bit and the pancetta looks lightly cooked add a good slug of red wine. It will simmer and spit a bit because of the heat but that is normal.

7: Begin adding the stock. I recently learned that you can add all the stock in one go and then leave the risotto to cook away on a medium heat which leaves you free to do other things or you can add the stock a ladle full or two at a time and stir frequently. So, once you decide to stir you have to keep doing it!

8: Check the risotto though to try the rice. It shouldn’t be too soft, there should still be a bit of a bite to it.

8: When the stock has been mostly absorbed and the rice is ready stir in a touch of grated parmesan and serve. Add more stock if necessary.

Mars Bar Milkshakes

Mars Bar Milkshake:

Per person you need:

half a mars bar

a small cup of milk

a few cubes of ice

a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream

Put the ingredients together in a blender and whizz, pulse and whizz again!

Garnish if you like with grated mars bar or chocolate.


One thought on “Italo-American Dinner

  1. Ralph Malph says:

    Those were the best Mars Bar milkshakes I have ever experienced. Why did you hide them from me for so long?!?! They are delicious:)

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