Panzanella, Italy, Tuscan recipe

Panzanella is great in two ways! It is delicious and it is made from off bread. Off bread?! How could that be great? Well, it’s more like hard bread than off bread with penicillin being cultured on it. This is how….

What you need:

Hard bread (about 3 slices per person)



Red onion

Fresh basil

Olive oil

Put the hard bread (no strange coloured bits, that’s too off!) in a bowl with water and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Then, wring it out in a colinder breaking it up into small pieces. Chop up some cucumber, red onion and tomato into thin slices and add them to the bread, drizzle olive oil and vinegar (if you like) over it and add some basil leaves. You get to feel doubly good eating it because it’s healthy and you aren’t wasting bread!


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