Alternative Centre Piece – Sprouting Onions and Meadow Plants

A while ago I left a couple of red onions in the back of my food cupboard and forgot about them. Then one day I got a start when I reached into the cupboard and touched a rubbery feeling thing that looked like a bright yellow tentacle! I dared to find out more and discovered it was just the  onions and they were sprouting. Slight anticlimax! But I decided that it was going to be a flower arrangement substitute! So, I have continued the theme by adding bits of fern and leaves from the wild (the natural look!) part of the garden. I am a fan of making do with what you have so using old marmalade jars and plants from the garden is something you can do immediately with no preparation, although you do have to leave the onions to sprout a bit. I think they look great! See other alternative “flower” arrangements with the milk bottle and weed arrangement and the black cabbage leaf arrangement filed under “Crafts”.


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