Brown Sugar Meringues

Brown sugar meringues are more exciting than normal meringues because inside there is a surprise caramel goo! Not much of a surprise now that I have mentioned it!

All you need for about 12 meringues is:

4 egg whites

8 tablespoons brown sugar (I used 4 dark brown and 4 light brown sugar)

That’s it!

Making meringues is quite a delicate task but don’t let this put you off.

1: Heat the oven to 110 degrees.

2: Divide the eggs and put the whites in a big bowl with plenty of room for whisking.

Neat tip: When you separate the eggs, separate each white into a cup and then pour it into the big bowl. If you keep separating and adding them to the big bowl immediately and mess up by getting a bit of yoke in the whites you will waste eggs which can be a huff and puff eyes rolling to the heavens bummer.

3: Once the 4 whites are in the bowl start whisking them on a medium speed with an electric beater and keep whisking until peaks form.

4: Start adding the sugar. Add one tablespoon of sugar and then whisk it in, then another tablespoon and whisk that in.

5: Very gently fold the rest of the sugar in. You must be gentle otherwise the whisked up bubbly egg whites will deflate.

6: Once all the sugar is folded in, spoon dollops of the mixture onto baking paper on baking trays. Using a fork swirl the dollops to give shape, peaks and hooks to the meringues. Sprinkle some brown sugar on top of each one.

7: Bake for 1 hour and a half.

What to do with the yokes…

Rich scrambled egg, drink them raw with Worcester sauce a’ la Sally Bowles in Cabaret, zabaione (blog post January 2009) or crème patissière – a personal big favourite. Yes, crème patissière…coming soon!


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