Woolly hat and knitting with pencils…

I went to visit friends in Madrid recently who have a one year old son so I wanted to knit him a hat. I hadn’t made the teddy bear ears for the top of the hat so I thought I could do them on my journey. But, knitting needles are most likely seen as potentially dangerous crafty weapons in the world of transport security so I knew there was no point attempting to pack them. Pencils on the other hand! Pencils aren’t seen as a threat although I know from doing a self-defence class many years ago that the best weapon you can carry is a pencil or a pen – making a quick jab to someone’s eye if you can manage to get your pencil out of your pocket in time if someone is threatening you! So I took my innocent pencils and managed to knit the ears on the train to the airport. I got a few intrigued looks but I am sure it is because the onlookers were thinking “What a clever idea!” rather than “Ever heard of knitting needles?!”


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