Oaty Datey Biscuits

I went to  watch the rugby at Twickenham today and had to bake something to snack on. Popcorn is eaten at the cinema so biscuits at the rugby, right?! I hadn’t been to a real live game in a real live stadium for 23 years so maybe I’m wrong about baking biscuits. I think, now that I’ve been, that it’s actually more about drinking beer. At least this time I knew not to bother taking my sketch book and Snoopy pencils. I look forward to seeing the next real live game in 23 years…

What you need for biscuits to eat at a rugby match:

130g butter

130g brown sugar

70g dates (chopped)

150g oats

150g flour

What you need to do:

1: Preheat the oven to 170C.

2: Mix all the ingredients together to make an even dough.

3: Spread the dough out evenly onto a lined baking tray and score with a knife marking out the biscuits.

4: Bake for about 20 minutes until lightly golden.

5: Allow to cool and cut them into squares.


One thought on “Oaty Datey Biscuits

  1. Manuele says:

    is not really easy to watch a rugby game here in italy, so i just going to prepare the biscuits to eat during a normal volleyball game… 🙂

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