Seafood at Barceloneta and La Boqueria, Barcelona

25, 000 people arrive a day on giant cruise ships in Barcelona and I’m sure that they, like me, head straight for La Boqueria for some seriously good seafood. I had two great seafood feasts on my trip – one at a place in Barceloneta (I would recommend it if I could remember the name…the sign is black if that helps and it’s right on the beach) and the other for lunch at the best food market: La Boqueria. Razor clams, clams, squid, mussels, big big prawns and dorado fish were all cooked on a hot plate with olive oil and garlic. So simple and so good. You can make musclos a la marinera with my previous blog post Catalan Seaside Supper. Whoop! Just realised where I ate in Barceloneta by deciphering the name on the napkin in the musclos photo: Cavamar. Go there!


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