Prufrock Coffee, Leather Lane

A friend recently spent a month or so in Australia (including a 3 day fast – oh my!) and on her return proclaimed that she found London coffee now awful. I’ve heard about the seriousness behind Australian coffee culture and some of the best places in London seem to be set up by Antipodeans. A colleague recently recommended Prufrock on Leather Lane to me. It’s another coffee bar set up by an Aussie in London. The original Prufrock is in Present fashion and coffee shop in Shoreditch. I went to the big one on Leather Lane which is welcome respite from the harry packers street of hotch potch stalls selling food to clothes to shampoo. Prufrock is a bit like a coffee laboratory with lots of glass vials and percolators and other contraptions designed to produce the perfect coffee on display. It’s really spacious which is quite unusual since most places pack as many tables in as possible. The coffee was great and had a hint of caramel. There was an array of scrumptious looking cakes on display which I have to return to try. There are also beautiful ink hand drawn illustrations on the take away cups and chalked onto the wall at the back. They hold coffee tasting days. I’ve noticed that coffee houses now have head barristers! I love it! Forget wine tasting and head sommeliers…. The interior is just what I like – well chosen furniture under a bare metal industrial ceiling with big metal vent tubes cutting across the white walls – a bit like a perfect stage set of a coffee shop in a warehouse.



3 thoughts on “Prufrock Coffee, Leather Lane

  1. mondomulia says:

    If you are ever back in Leather Lane, try the Aussie coffee shop across the road from prufrock, it’s called Department of Coffee and SOcial Affair! They have great coffee and cakes!

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