The Secret Ingredient, Newington Green, London

A little while ago I went to a pop-up restaurant in a low rise estate in Newington Green – The Secret Ingredient. It was a fusion of Japanese and Spanish food and the chef liked to call it “Japas”! There were 9 courses beautifully prepared and arranged in small bowls and even on a mirror. The food was vegetarian and really good. The restaurant is set in the living room with just two tables for six and four. My friend and I sat with two others who we had never met but unsurprisingly for London (such a small place sometimes) we knew people in common! It was a great evening with interesting flavours although I was slightly put off at the end when the chef appeared with a huge cut on his finger….Other than that I would really recommend it!


We started with a salad and miso soup with a poached quail’s egg.

A mirrorful of grated carrot and wasabi, cabbage rolls, radish flowers, kumquat stuffed olives and sesame beans.



Asparagus and lethal sake followed by a frittata.


Chillies (1 in 20 is hot) with rock salt and patatas bravas.


We ended with Lustau East India Solera Sherry with Monte Enebro, Manchego, a goat’s cheese and membrillo (quince jelly), and Natillas which is a light cinnamon custard.


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