On The Side: Mashed Jerusalem Artichoke With Grated Courgette

I love artichokes! I love them raw, cooked, hearts in a jar soaked in olive oil, mashed… One of my earliest memories is of pulling the leaves off an artichoke to dip them in olive oil. I seem to have had a sophisticated palette as a four year old! Globe artichoke leaves are eaten raw dipped in olive oil as a starter in Tuscany. They’re quite tough when uncooked but still good. So, I was pleased to see Jerusalem artichokes out and about the other day. I cut them into pieces about 2cm x 2cm, boiled them briefly, drained and mashed them and grated a courgette on top with a slosh of olive oil. It was delicious! I, like Uncle Monty in ‘Withnail and I’, prefer ‘ornamental’ vegetables to roses. I love ornamental cabbages and the artichoke, when left to flower, is beautiful as below.


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