*Ray-Stitch*, Essex Road, London

A haberdashery and coffee shop. This is the kind of combination I love!

A friend told me about a great place on Essex Road the other day: Ray Stitch. I was surprised that I didn’t know about it already since I live nearby and it combines several of my favourite things: fabric, buttons, coffee and cake. Friends and I used to have crafternoons and this seems like the perfect place for one. There’s a great range of fabrics on two floors, wool (thank goodness – there aren’t many wool shops around anymore), buttons, pins and needles in beautiful nouveau vintage (new but with old fashioned styled labels!) boxes, a range of patterns including vintage Vogue ones and, of course, coffee and cake. You can sip your Climpsons (= yummy) coffee on a deck chair outside breathing in the air of the Essex Road bus route or in the peaceful garden at the back. Essex Road is now even more full of great places with unusual names: Get Stuffed, Ray Stitch, Food Lab, Flashback, Sew Fantastic, Haggle Vinyl… I should do a post just on the shop signs!


5 thoughts on “*Ray-Stitch*, Essex Road, London

    • Camilla at Conker and Indigo says:

      Hi Erin, thanks so much for stopping by! I read about you on Design*Sponge and love your blog! Beautiful photos and just the kind of recipes I love. I will definitely be making the spinach and mushroom galette and shallot tart tatin which sounds amazing! I’m jealous that you have a vegetable garden! xox

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