The Versatile Blogger Award! Toot toot!

Hello! I’m very pleased to say that Fiona from Big Hungry Gnomes nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! A while ago I saw that lots of bloggers had awards on their blogs and I thought: how did they get that? I want one!!! So, thank you, Fiona! Have a look at Fiona’s wonderful array of recipes. I particularly like the Sugar Craft ones.

The Versatile Blogger Award is awarded by other bloggers and there are a couple of obligations when you receive a nomination. The first is to nominate 15 other blogs and the second is to write 7 facts about yourself! I see!

It’s a really good opportunity to let people know about blogs they may not have come across.

My nominations are:


Kiss My Spatula

Sun and Glory

Sugar and Cloth

Mistress Frida and the great undertaking of modern life

The Vagabond Baker

The Burlesque Baker

Posh Little Designs

Mimo Khair’s blog

Fit Chicks and Fast Women


Sweet Ipomoea

Yummy Supper

Guilaine and Kevin

In Cito Photography

Now for seven random facts about me:

1. I spent 3 years of my childhood in Hong Kong and remember eating roast pigeon and banana split a lot.

2. I played “Jesus Christ” in the nativity play at the hospital where I was born a few days after I was born. A female red haired Jesus! Radical!

3. My first food memory is of pulling artichoke leaves off the globe to dip in olive oil and devour the flesh when I was about 4. Now all I think about is cake! What happened to my sophisticated palette?

4. I hope to do food styling professionally.

5. I used to have a weekend market stall at Greenwich market where I sold bags I made from coffee bean sacks and accessories from hand-made felt. You can see my post on felt-making here.

6. I love Swing dancing and recently did a Burlesque course and show which was so much fun and, contrary to popular belief, Burlesque does not always involve a strip tease.

7. I had to do army at school and learnt how to use a rifle (I thought I’d throw that in because it always gets a gasp).


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