Iced Espresso and Coconut Drink


The other day I was looking at Green Kitchen Stories and saw a recipe for a coffee coconut banana shake. It sounded delicious and inspired me to make a similar drink using what I already had in the kitchen so I made a tea peanut plantain drink. Only joking, but of course you already knew that from the title of this post! The Green Kitchen Stories recipe calls for hazelnut butter for a nutty hint, mmm, but I had tahini. It sounds odd but actually the tahini was a nice addition. I did have bananas but opted to omit them. The drink does has an unusual taste but I think it’s a good break from regular coffee.

What you need (serves 3-4):

1 tin of coconut milk

3 shots of espresso

1 tsp tahini

1 dessert spoon vanilla essence

6 ice cubes

What you need to do:

1. Make the espresso, then allow it to cool.

2. Pour the coconut milk into a jug, add the tahini, vanilla essence and ice cubes and stir. Make sure you stir the tahini in well.

3. Pour this mix into glasses and then pour the espresso on top making a marbled pattern.



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