Towpath café, Regents Canal, London

  Along Regents Canal between the Whitmore Road bridge and Kingsland Road bridge in Hackney is Towpath, a café that is open from April to September. I think the months that it opens and closes vary upon the weather but it’s a “warm” season café as it is outdoors. It consists of a few small spaces carved out of the building facing the canal with tables outside and in a little niche making perfect spots for people and swan viewing. I saw a guy pass standing on a surf board using an oar to smoothly glide along the water. I have no idea what this sport is called! Canal surfing? Flat water surfing? On busy weekends a pontoon is stationed on the canal providing more tables and chairs. It serves coffee, cakes, toasted sandwiches and seasonal dishes. It was set up by Lori de Mori, an American Italian food writer. So far I have only had coffees, brownies and millionaire’s shortbread which all get a thumbs up. It is an ideal stop on a canal walk along to Broadway Market or Columbia Road.

Be aware though that at weekends it is harry packers, I went for a run along the canal on Sunday and thought I would end up in it wriggling my way through the heaving pack of coffee drinkers.



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