Food Lab, Essex Road

  Today I went to Food Lab on Essex Road, Islington, for brunch. I’ve blogged about Essex Road before, with its wonderful array of shops with whacky names, and this is a great pit stop for food. Outside amongst the pub tables there’s a pallet with soil and a few glass domes with strawberry plants steaming away under the long awaited sun. Inside is a spread of moist polenta, chocolate and fruity cakes and muffins, breads, savoury tarts and quiches. This spread, that could almost rival Ottolenghi’s, made it hard to decide but in the end I went for Eggs Royale and my buddy went for poached eggs with red onion focaccia soldiers. Both delicious but for the price a bit of greenery would have been welcome. You can buy food there too such as jams and even pickled sugar snap peas! Hmmm, I am intrigued by the peas. Food Lab is just 5 minutes walk from the popular brunch places in Camden Passage, such as The Breakfast Club and Kipferl which have queues for hours, so I highly recommend waltzing past the queues and going a few minutes up the road to Food Lab.



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