Bibi’s Bakery, Edinburgh



At the weekend I went to Edinburgh to visit friends and to go to a wedding. I was interested to see if there would be much sign of the fact that it was Jubilee weekend in town. During my wanderings I would have hardly known! This wasn’t much of a surprise considering that Scotland’s campaign for independence was launched ten days ago. I read that only ten street parties were registered in the city. I did, however, find this dinky bakery which had union flag clad windows and crowned Jubilee cupcakes. Bibi’s Bakery can be found in Edinburgh (37 Hanover Street, EH2 2PJ), Aberdeen and St Andrews. It certainly wasn’t around when I was at university in St Andrews, I would have been so distracted knowing that these fluffy cupcakes were around the corner. I tried a chocolate caramel one which had a most satisfying ooze of caramel in the middle and a rolo on top, and a chocolate Jubilee cupcake with vanilla icing. Both delicious with fluffy sponge and icing that was just sweet enough. A lot of the cupcakes are based on chocolates and sweets such as Maltesers, Smarties and After Eights. There is also a Victoria Sponge one amongst chocolate and vanilla classics. This bakery is definitely worth a pit stop followed by a walk up the Mound to make room for another!




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