Earthy Foods and Goods, Edinburgh



I love this place! Earthy is an ethical foods and goods company with three stores in Edinburgh. It stocks ethical and locally sourced food, drink, household and beauty goods. The original Earthy (33-41 Ratcliffe Terrace) is based in an old warehouse and has a market cafe and vegetable patch. I had a seriously lavish salad of beetroot, shredded white cabbage, roasted sweet potatoes, lentils, nigella seeds, roasted peppers and hazelnuts amongst other bits for lunch. Dessert was chocolate and cardamom marbled cake – a great combination. This is the kind of food I could eat every day! The place is airy and light with personal touches everywhere, patches of the walls are painted with blackboard paint advertising its curry clubs, and it is decked out with furniture made from reclaimed wood. I tried a new (to me) make of chocolate “The Chocolate Tree” which is made in East Lothian.  Apart from all the delicious food I was delighted to see that they stock my favourite Suma soaps (rose and geranium and grapefruit in case you were interested!). For more Earthy information click here.






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