Elderflower Picking/ Elderflower Cordial Recipe





When I was in Edinburgh I went “foraging” for elderflowers with my friend and her wee bairns (I use inverted commas because it was hardly hacking through the wilderness but going to a tree on the path around the corner from their home!) . I had made my first attempt at elderflower cordial a week before but it looked as though I had made an algae drink as it was a touch too green. It also created scrunched up noses and an “ooooerr, better work on that one before it goes on the blog” from my two now fired tasters. Joking, of course I need an honest opinion. I actually liked the grassy taste!

So, with my friend and little helpers another recipe has been produced. A really nice touch is to put elderflowers in ice cubes. I used ice sticks which looked particularly pretty.

What you need:

400ml water

2 dessert spoons castor sugar

10 decent sized heads of elderflowers (with as many buds open as possible)

Half a lime and half a lemon (optional), cut into slices

What you need to do:

1. Heat the water in a pan with the sugar and bring to a boil. Boil until the sugar has dissolved.

2. Whilst the water is heating, wash the elderflowers well and pull them off the stalks. I think the small stalks are what gave my first attempt a grassy taste!

3. Allow the sugar water to cool a bit then pour it into a jug. Add the elderflowers (and lemon and lime if using) and leave to steep overnight.

4. Pour the cordial into a bottle or another jug using a sieve or muslin to keep back the flowers, lemon and lime.





12 thoughts on “Elderflower Picking/ Elderflower Cordial Recipe

  1. The Vagabond Baker says:

    Adore, adore, adore. I grew up on elderflower cordial, it is the absolute taste of summer. I loved going with my dad to pick it for the wine he made, as well as the cordial. I wanted to make something with it the other week as there was loads of it growing in the garden we were house sitting but it wasn’t quite ready.
    I love the ice sticks/crosses, so pretty.

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