Breakfast at the Serpentine, Hyde Park




Yesterday morning I had an early start and went to meet a friend at the Serpentine for breakfast. It was the perfect morning for it, clear and warm. The Serpentine has had a restaurant for years perched on the edge of the water with an outdoor area with deck chairs and weeping willows. There is a pizza oven, bar and a menu with some classics such as steak and fish and chips. The pastries and coffee are by Benugo, which other than its cafes also does the delicious food at the Victoria & Albert Museum, so we had croissants, coffee and juice by the water with swans and Canada geese floating and honking by. I have heard that geese are the best “burglar alarms” – their honking sound goes a long way! We even saw a couple of herons fly over us. Yes, we were in central London. I can’t think of any other city that is better for parks and bird life – think of the pelicans at St James Park which were introduced in 1664 as a gift from the Russian Ambassador. They are such characters, not just for the wonderful elongated S shape profile they create but for sitting next to people on benches and standing in queues at the kiosks to that pigeon eating incident from a couple of years ago. I then walked my friend to work in Manchester Square and saw a wonderful window display in Selfridges of a giant stiletto made from saucepans and lids!


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