Lime Sorbet

I absolutely love the Olympics! I have only just realised this though. Perhaps it has something to do with the games being in London and the wonderfully slack jaw boggle eye inducing opening ceremony. Wasn’t the forging of the rings amazing? I know a couple of people who were lucky enough to be in it and now I’m kicking myself for not auditioning or volunteering for something. On Wednesday I got a great surprise; a friend rang me at 9.15 and asked if I’d like to go to see the tennis at Wimbledon (which has been concealed and turned purple with no sight of any Wimbledon paraphernalia) so of course I bounced up and down squealing “Yessssssss! I’m walking out of the front door now!”.

So, off to purple Wimbledon and to a seat on Court 1 where I saw Federer vs Istomin, and then the two most notorious contemporary grunters/ sighers (Sellers, you have a lot to answer for!): Azarenka (sigher and occasional screamer) vs Petrova and Sharapova (distinct grunter) vs Lisicki. Ferrer was also supposed to play but it was 8pm by the time Sharapova beat Lisicki so I didn’t see him.

Tennis aside, I also made a sorbet last week which might turn into a new obsession. It is so easy and so satisfying. No “ice-cream maker” is needed, just a fork, tupperware and freezer and perhaps an alarm to go off every 30 minutes to remind you to fork through the sorbet giving it a good stir.

Takes 10 minutes to prepare // Overnight to freeze // Serves 4

What you need:

200ml water

100g caster sugar

3 limes

Pomegranate seeds and lime peel to decorate

What you need to do:

1. Put the sugar and water in a pan and heat to boiling point, then simmer until the sugar melts. This should take about 5 minutes.

2. Halve the limes and juice them.

3. Allow the sugary water to cool, then add the lime juice and stir.

4. Pour the mixture into a tupperware and put it in the freezer. Let it freeze for about an hour, then stir it with a fork and thereafter every half hour.

The stirring bit is recommended, however, I made the sorbet, went out, forgot to stir it and went to bed. In the morning I remembered the sorbet and the lack of stirring. I took it out of the freezer and scraped at it with a fork until it had loosened up and become fluffy – as fluffy as something icy could ever be. Then I put it back in the freezer. It was fine. So my conclusion is that you probably don’t need to stir it every half hour, also it would probably take less than a night to freeze but since I froze mine overnight, I couldn’t tell you how long it would take!

Serve the sorbet with strips of lime peel and a scattering of pomegranate seeds. I recommend you eat it whilst watching the Olympics.

p.s. I like that the colours in my photos match the colours on my background, a happy coincidence!


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