Secret Vegetable and Herb Garden

Someone who wasn’t invited for dinner stopped by for a clandestine snack.

Perhaps I still have Olympics on the brain but I think these plants look like they are raising their arms in victory after winning a race!

I live in the Islington area of London which is a pretty affluent area full of great restaurants, some of the best furniture shops in town, Camden Passage which is a hot spot for antiques, and Regents Canal. It has its fair share of yummy mummies but hasn’t quite reached Nappy Valley status. I love it. However, it used to have a bit of a rough reputation. There was an estate very close to my home which caused a lot of problems for the local community, so much so that a cab driver dropping me home recently asked if I had problems with this specific estate as he certainly had heard about its rough reputation. I hadn’t really been aware. During this shady patch a community association was formed to clean up the area and rid the reputation it had unfortunately obtained. The local square which used to have the debris of boozy and probably druggy activities was cleaned up, new flowers were planted, borders were tended to and a herb and vegetable garden was planted. This garden is for anyone who is a resident to help themselves to – such a great idea. Of course I’m not going to tell you where it is though. I want the chives all for myself!! Miaow!

Also, I love (said with a lot of oomph) taking photos of plants hence the multiple photos of cavolo nero – its bubbly yet strong surface is a structure to admire, don’t you think?! I once made a vegetable arrangement from them which I posted several years ago here.


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