Paint Dipped Picnic Cutlery

Picnic season is probably over but this is a fun thing to do for any meal especially if you’re bored of your cutlery!

What you need:

Wooden or plastic (some are painted to look like metal) disposable cutlery

Paint – tester paint pots will do


What you need to do:

1. Shake the paint pots well.

2. Lay out the newspaper and dip the ends of the cutlery into the paint.

3. Hold each piece of cutlery over the paint pot and let the excess drip back into the pot, or as the paint drips you can hold the cutlery over other pieces and let the drips fall on them to create patterns.

4. Lay the cutlery on top of the paint pots over the newspaper and allow to dry for several hours.

There you go, fun cutlery!


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