Hot Udon at Koya, Soho


Last night I went to Koya, 49 Frith Street W1D, for dinner with a friend. It’s a popular Soho noodle place with snaking queues outside the door even on a Monday night. As soon as I walked in I could understand its popularity, it smelled amazing! We sat at the back at a bar right by the open kitchen so could see everything being chopped and cooked. The menu is mainly of dishes of the thick but light udon noodle. This special noodle originates from the Sanuki region in Japan and is often eaten with simply a few drops of soy sauce. Koya’s menu also had some variations of miso soup such as mushroom and walnut which I found rather tempting but I opted for the salmon tempura hot udon and was thrilled to see a side of tempura on the menu so ordered that to sprinkle on my dish. My friend had the mackerel and green leaves hot udon and was very satisfied with her choice. I will definitely be heading back soon.

Koya is open every day and does not take bookings but is worth the wait.


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