Halloween Treats: Snake and Cake Skewers

Make a sticky wormy mess for Halloween with snakes peeping from sponge, a nest of liquorice lace and skewered with cubes of cake onto cocktail sticks. This treat takes 10 minutes to put together (once you’ve made the sponge of course!). I can’t remember actually doing Trick or Treat myself as a child and was a little horrified to hear thumps and bangs at my door this evening along with hands clawing at the letter slot and then voices screeching through “We know you’re in there!”, “Open up!” and “Come out!” I think not with a tone like that! I carefully slinked out later to cycle off to Tranky Doo practice and found the poor marmalade cat cowering behind the railings until he saw me, then shot in in an orange flash not unlike the orange unspun wool in the photos!

What you need:

Cocktail sticks

Gummy snakes/ spiders/ whatever you can get your paws on

Black food dye

A box of icing sugar

Liquorice lace

A square or rectangular sponge such as this recipe for cardamom cake (you can omit the cardamom) or just buy a sponge loaf cake (I feel ok saying this as this is the kind of thing Nigella might say!)

What you need to do:

1. Cut a rectangular slice from the cake, around 2cm deep,  then cut the rest of the cake into cubes.

2. If the black food colouring is the sticky almost gel like one, mix it with a touch of water, otherwise just put the food colouring in a bowl with the icing sugar. Mix until you reach a thick glossy consistency, adding more colouring and/ or water if necessary.

3. Dip the squares of cake into the icing and skewer between two gummy snakes/ spiders, or whatever you have, on a cocktail stick.

4. Place the rectangle of cake on a surface and tuck some snakes or spiders underneath so they are poking out as if emerging from the sponge. Pour the rest of the black icing over the rectangle of sponge.

5. Arrange nests of liquorice lace on top, then stick the cocktail stick skewers of cake and snakes into the sponge.

6. Alternatively use small bowls or espresso cups to make individual liquorice nests with the skewered cakes sticking out of them.



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