Quorn & Woodhouse Edwardian Rail Station and Tea in an Air Raid Shelter

At the weekend I went to visit friends in the peculiarly named village of Quorn in Leicestershire. It used to be called Quorndon but this caused confusion with another village not too far away called Quarndon so the “don” was dropped in 1889. The village is home to a wonderfully preserved Edwardian train station with a tea room in the air raid shelter and steam and diesel trains coming and going. I loved the old printed tin sheet adverts for mustard, bleach and so on. The bunker tea room is decked out with period furniture, posters, a coal fire and has 40s music playing. Tea and biscuits are served and there seemed to be not much else but just on the other side of the rail track is a new cafe with cakes and sandwiches. If you want a cosy NAAFI style tea and biscuit then you must go down to the air raid shelter for one. The station is run by volunteers who mostly wear period uniforms and is open most days. You can go on the steam trains too along the Great Central Railway which runs through Leicestershire. We also went for a walk in Bradgate Country Park which is home to the ruins of Bradgate House and dozens of red and fallow deer. The park is beautiful with gentle hills and sweeping views of the surrounding countryside. We were even lucky enough to see some deer rutting as the season has started.

For more information on the station click here and on Bradgate Park click here.






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