Curious Foodie Christmas Presents

I received some rather fun foodie gifts at Christmas. Amongst the usual array of jams and chocolates I unwrapped a present to find an egg box which I opened to find 6 colourful egg shaped soaps! It was a great surprise and certainly the perfect present for me since I think about food almost every waking hour. I also received this wonderful geometric chocolate box filled with individual chocolates. The facets of the chocolate box are variously coloured and have images on them such as a hand pointing a finger which makes me think of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I would love to go to the chocolatier which is based just south west of Paris to see the making process. How is the chocolate box made with so many facets and bends and how are the images placed on the facets, I wonder? Curious and curiouser! I haven’t had the heart to break apart the box yet but have eaten several of the chocolates which are delicious and unusual; one being marzipan with crunched up cardamom pods in it.

The egg soaps are by Get Fresh Cosmetics Ltd, Bournemouth

Colas Chocolatier can be found in Maule, near Paris, France


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