Cheese Notes: A Selection from Crumbly and Sticky, to Herby and Guinnessy

A friend gave me a cheesy present for my birthday – a selection of cheeses with a box of the date, hazelnut and sunflower seed toast for cheese by The Fine Cheese Co. The cheeses were delicious and varied and so pretty – just look at those colours and textures! My favourite had to be the Sage Derby, which has been made for a good couple of centuries, as it had a very distinct and delicious sage flavour unlike the Guinness cheddar which was good yet I wouldn’t have imagined that there was Guinness in it. I believe this cheese is known as Plain Porter which combines vintage cheddar with Guinness creating its beautiful mottled look. It looked suspiciously like salame al cioccolato but was definitely a cheese! The Windsor Red is a mild cheddar which gets its vibrant colouring from a dash of wine in the cheese making process, it was very creamy like the Cheddar Truckle. This one had dashes of port and brandy in it. I always enjoy Taleggio, from Northern Italy, and this piece was particularly creamy and sticky. The Cabochon with its beautiful peppery rind was dry and crumbly and tasted like goat’s cheese so probably is made from goat’s milk.  I’m not sure that the spelling was correct on the Sweydale label as I couldn’t find anything about it but a lot of info popped up on the web about Swaledale cheese. It was dry and tasted a little like parmesan. All cheeses and toast are from the International Cheese Centre which is in Victoria, Liverpool Street and Marylebone Stations, London.

IMG_6249     IMG_6255


4 thoughts on “Cheese Notes: A Selection from Crumbly and Sticky, to Herby and Guinnessy

  1. poshlittledesigns says:

    This post is making me miss cheese!! (gone mostly vegan since discovering my baby’s dairy allergy) I’ve had a port wine cheese similar to the Windsor Red which is incredible. The Sage Derby looks yummy too!

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