Issey Miyake Clever and Beautiful Pleated Food Shoot

PP wine

PP Ice Cream Cone

PP Spoon

PP Pancakes

PP Chocolate Spread

PP dumpling

Pleats Please Happy Anniversary art direction by Taku Satoh and design by Shingo Noma

for a long time so when I saw his Pleats Please line folded and gathered mimicking food and drink for this shoot my heart fluttered and I think I went weak at the knees! Aren’t these photos beautiful?

The Pleats Please range is so clever and endless. From the simple idea of pleating fabric the range encompasses designs that involve gun powder being lit on the fabric to create an image of exploded residue to the image of an astronaut walking on the Moon, maps, Lichtenstein style cartoons, whacky shapes, additions of fringes and faux fur…it goes on and on. But these food images…*swoon*…what I find so clever is that they are yummy! I know they are pieces of material but I want to eat them! Issey Miyake is such a great brand as it is full of surprises – the latest clothes from the mainline are being made from paper threads and recycled plastic bottles – an exciting meeting of technology and fashion.

I have a couple of Pleats scarves and one of the staff once showed me how to roll them up into “apples” which is how the scarves are often displayed in the stores. I should have seen this food shoot coming! See my “apples” below!


Issey Miyake Pleats Please scarf

Issey Miyake Pleats Please scarf

I have been lucky enough to go to a Miyake show during Paris Fashion Week and last month I went to the press launch of the new Miyake perfume: Pleats Please. The food at this launch was wonderful! Look at these salmon and spinach roulade lollipops on a sumptuous bed of watercress below! A waiter wrote the name of the catering company on a flappy bit of paper and it seems to have fluttered off like a butterfly but as soon as I find it I will update this post with the name and link as the food was so good that everyone [that reads this blog!] must know about it!!

Salmon roulade "lollipops" at the Pleats Please perfume launch


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