Bad Brownie – Kings Cross Real Food Market

Bad Brownie salted caramel

Salted caramel brownie – a really bad one, so so bad

Bad Brownie peanut brittle

The peanut butter brownie moments before complete demolition

Last Saturday, passing through Kings Cross on the way to St Albans for an outing, we came across the Real Food Market in the square outside the now amazing station (I love how it has been revamped, it is now a pleasure to walk around there!). It was a wonderful surprise and the most wonderful of all was the stall Bad Brownie. It is a stall with about 8 or so types of brownies with flavours varying from triple chocolate and Bakewell to bacon and maple syrup. We bought the salted caramel (anything with this name tag is impossible to resist) and the peanut butter which had a kind of peanut brittle on top – so so awfully bad.

They were amazing! I was passing through Kings Cross again today and ran up the stairs from the underground fuelled by the thought of these brownies only to find an empty square. Humph. The Real Food Market is not on every Saturday. No bad brownie today.

Bad Brownie is however to be found at various markets in London on various days. Find out more on their website by clicking here.

Bad Brownie


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