Menu Ideas

Italo-Scottish Dinner

Mashed Broad Bean And Lemon Zest Muffins

Beetroot And Pea Ravioloni

Almond Shortbread with Zabaione


Winter Supper

Humous with Soda Bread

Bumbu Pecel (Indonesian Peanut Sauce)

Chocolate Shortbread With Oat Date Banana Madeira Nog


Summer Supper

Mashed Jerusalem Artichoke With Grated Courgette

Broccoli And Halloumi Cake With Beetroot And Orange Salad

Apricot Almond Bake


Pink and Green

Wholewheat Rosemary Crispbread with Broad Bean and Walnut Dip

Pea and Asparagus Risotto 

Plum Tart



3 thoughts on “Menu Ideas

  1. ekwee says:

    I absolutely LOVE this. Creating your own menus is fun, of course, but I love seeing how other people put together meals and these all look delicious!!

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